Susan B. Saint-Rossy–Relationship Therapist

Why am I the Relationship Therapist?

susan-saint-rossyYou want to have a relationship that makes your heart and mind sing. I want that for you too. That’s why I’m a relationship therapist.

In my more than 20 years as a therapist, I can remember only a few people who have come to therapy about issues not related to relationships. More than 95% of the people I’ve worked with have wanted better relationships, and I’ve helped most of them achieve that in some way.

Passionate about relationships

I became a psychotherapist in the mid-1990s after having two other careers that were interesting and fulfilling, but that I just wasn’t passionate about. I spent nine years at an international consulting firm as a management consultant and marketing director, helping companies become more efficient and profitable.

I also worked for several years as an English professor, teaching writing and literature to undergraduates and graduate students. Many clients have expressed appreciation for the insights I offer from my previous careers.

In both previous careers I found that I was more interested in people and their stories than in the other aspects of the work.

This led me to the world of psychotherapy.


I now do the work that I was intended to do, and I am passionate about helping people become better connected to one another so they can live less stressful, more creative, more purposeful lives.

Helping people from many cultures

For 11 years, I practiced therapy and/or trained therapists in four different countries—China, Russia, Botswana, and India. This experience opened me up to cultural differences, but also to the common goal that most people share to develop and keep fulfilling relationships.

Having worked with people from more than 20 countries, I have found that helping people (no matter what nationality or culture) with relationship issues is what I do best.

Never stop learning

I have supplemented that experience with some of the best available post-graduate training for relationship issues from world-renown international experts in the field, including Sue Johnson, John Gottman, and Stan Tatkin.

I also learn continually from my colleagues through memberships in professional organizations:

American Academy of Psychotherapists

Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

RESOLVE –The National Infertility Association

I never stop learning. I’m now offering the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from all of these experiences to you.