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Honey, Can You Hear Me? 5 Helpful Tools to Improve Communication

How couples communicate with each other can make or break a marriage. In times of stress and hardship, good communication can make you feel like you have unconditional support and understanding. Poor communication skills, on the other hand, can magnify the hard times and place a sometimes unbearable strain on the relationship. But communication is […]

The “Ten Commandments” for Couples

Want to create a happier, more fulfilling relationship? These “ten commandments” can help. Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love and creator of the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT), created them from the combined viewpoint of developmental neuroscience, attachment theory, and arousal regulation. The PACT approach can help even the most unhappy, dysfunctional couples.  1. THOU SHALT […]

Not Yet a Dad: Coping with Male Infertility

As an infertility counselor, I’ve never had a man come in for counseling by himself to deal with the psychological effects of an infertility diagnosis. Women seek therapy with me; sometimes couples do; never has a man alone. Male infertility – What is it? At least 30% of infertility in couples is the result of […]

Infertility and the Intentional Therapist

Scene from an infertility counselor’s office Therapist:  I understand from our phone conversation that you are having some stress as you go through infertility treatments. What’s going on? Client:  Well, we started with two IUIs, both unsuccessful, and now two cycles of IVF. With the second one I had a miscarriage at eight weeks—no explanation […]

The 7 Best Blogs About Relationships

Your relationship is in trouble. You need answers fast. You go to the web and google “relationship problems.” Then the overwhelm begins. There is an almost infinite universe of websites and blogs that claim to be able to help you with your relationship. What information is valid? What really works? Who are these bloggers claiming […]

Unhappy Marriage Leads to Heart Disease (especially for women)

A new study of 1,200 married older adults (ages 57-85) has found that people in unhappy marriages, especially women, have a higher risk for heart disease than those in good marriages. The lead investigator of the study, Hui Liu, a sociologist at Michigan State University, explains that results of the study show that the quality […]

Party-Phobia? The Best Way to Get Rid of Social Anxiety

Beyond Shyness – Do You Have Social Anxiety? You see your friends get out there and meet potential mates, go to parties and mingle, pair up. You sit at home, gripped by anxiety. You fear being judged by others, being humiliated in public, or maybe even walking in front of people you don’t know. You […]

14 Sources of Stress Relief for Infertility Patients

Infertility stress – Yikes – If you have it, you know how debilitating it can be. Research backs up the notion that it’s one of the worst stressors people can have. Stress levels of those with an infertility diagnosis are equivalent to those diagnosed with cancer or HIV, according to recent studies. And one recent […]

Psychotherapy—What’s Your Personal Stigma About?

Where does the stigma come from? Our societies and cultures send us many negative messages about emotional problems, coloring our perceptions of asking for help, stigmatizing those who do. Your parents threatened to send you to a shrink when you were misbehaving. You associate therapy with mental illness with the people in “One Flew Over […]

What to Expect When You Start Therapy

Okay, you’ve made the call, had a brief chat with the therapist, and set up an appointment. It was really hard to do, especially if you’ve never been in counseling before. When you think of therapy, you may think of mental illness, of the stigma of seeing a shrink, and you’ve never thought you would […]